Investment Property Loans.
Made Simple!

refisimply is the nation’s premier investment property mortgage brokerage. We specialize in DSCR Rental Loans.

refisimply is the nation’s premier investment property mortgage brokerage.

Investment Property Loans.
Made Simple!

refisimply is the nation’s premier investment property mortgage brokerage. 

What We Offer?

Simple Financing Solutions.

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DSCR Rental Loans

Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, enjoy the benefits of streamlined processes, flexible term lengths and low rates to maximize monthly rental income.

Fix and Flip Loans

Short-term financing for purchasing and rehabbing value-add investment properties with high leverage, competitive terms, and lightning fast closings.

Portfolio Loans

Consolidate multiple properties under one low monthly payment with customizable loan options to make managing your growing portfolio easy.

Nationwide Coverage

43 States + D.C.

Our brokerage services extend to 43 States + DC. With our straightforward approach, you can expect a smooth and efficient process, giving you the confidence to focus on what you do best: seizing opportunities and maximizing your returns.

We Make Financing Your Next Investment Easier Than Ever!

Why refisimply?

Unparalleled Experience.

Say good-bye to searching for suitable lenders, deciphering complex terms and navigating through endless paperwork!

Reclaim Your Focus

Experience time-saving convenience. 

Empower Your Success

With us, you’ll leverage more than capital – you’ll leverage our relationships and experience. 

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We take proactive problem solving to the next level! 

Here's Why Investors ❤️ ❤️ refisimply

Here's Why Investors ❤️ ❤️ refisimply


Frequently Asked Questions

At refisimply, we specialize in providing financing solutions for business purposes. We can help you finance a range of investment properties, including:

  • Non-owner occupied 1-4 residential units;
  • Short-Term Rentals (AirBnb, VRBO etc..);
  • Mixed-use properties and;
  • Multifamily properties with 5 or more units.


Whether you’re looking to invest in a single-family rental property or expand your portfolio with a larger multifamily complex, our expertise in business purpose loans allows us to tailor financing options that align with your investment goals. We understand the unique needs of real estate investors and are committed to supporting your ventures with flexible and competitive loan programs.

With refisimply, you’ll have the confidence and support you need to finance a wide range of properties and take your investment journey to new heights.

DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio, and it’s a metric lenders use to assess your property’s cash flow potential. Unlike a conventional mortgage, a DSCR loan is approved based on the performance of your rental property, not your personal debt-to-income ratio!

Essentially, it measures if your rental income can cover your mortgage payments and other property expenses. It’s like a financial thumbs-up from lenders, giving you the green light to secure a loan for your investment property. So, if you’re eyeing that dream rental property, a DSCR loan could be your ticket to making it happen!

DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio), it’s like crunching numbers to reveal your property’s financial superpower! To get started, grab a pen and paper (or your trusty calculator).

Divide your property’s net operating income (annual rental income minus operating expenses) by the total debt service (mortgage payment plus any other related costs). The resulting number is your Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).

Ideally, lenders prefer a DSCR of 1.25 or higher, indicating strong cash flow to cover your mortgage and expenses. Remember, if math isn’t your thing, we’re here to lend a helping hand and guide you through the process. Let’s crunch those numbers together!

When it comes to DSCR loan requirements, think of them as the checklist to unlock your rental property financing dreams! Lenders typically look for a few key things to give you the best possible rate:

  • A healthy Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) of around 1.25 or higher;
  • A solid credit score and;
  • Proof of rental income.

These requirements vary among lenders, so it’s essential to connect with a trusted mortgage broker like us to navigate the specifics and find the best fit for your investment goals. We’ve got your back!

The difference between a DSCR loan and a conventional mortgage is like comparing apples to oranges in the world of real estate financing.

While a conventional mortgage focuses primarily on your personal credit history and income, a DSCR loan takes a closer look at the property’s cash flow potential. It’s like shifting the spotlight from your financial picture to the investment itself. With a DSCR loan, lenders assess the property’s Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) to ensure it generates enough income to cover the mortgage and expenses.

So, even if your personal financial situation might not meet the requirements of a conventional mortgage, a DSCR loan opens doors for investment opportunities based on the property’s income potential. This flexibility allows you to scale your rental portfolio more efficiently, unlocking greater potential for building wealth in real estate.

At refisimply, we specialize in helping investors navigate the world of DSCR loans, ensuring you have the right financing option to scale your rental ventures with confidence.

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